Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Finally! My first post! I just want to start sharing some of the goodies I score at thrift shops, rummage sales, and the like. Along the way I hope to do a bit of philosophizing about thrifting also--why we thrift, etc. There is so much to talk about!

But right now I want to share what may be my favorite thrift find to date. A game board in mint condition, from 1960. It has little plastic cherries in the little bins there. My God, I love this. I have become enamored with the idea of collecting vintage game boards as art. Some (like this one that I got for a mere $2.95) can be had for next to nothing. Others, like the popular Mystery Date, can fetch $30.00 or so on ebay.
Vintage board game, 1960

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Blogger carrster said...

Wow! We had that very game. Well, the cover was different but the inside was exactly the same. A flood of memories comes back to me. I like the idea of vintage board games as art! Would you let people play with your art?

5:49 AM  
Blogger chanadaal said...

I love that too. Power to the thrift-bloggers!

8:22 AM  

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