Monday, June 11, 2007

Beachy Fabric

Cabanas fabric
I found this fabric at a thrift store the other day--they had a table of new flat folds, and this caught my eye.

It reminds me of Coronado's Tent City
Vintage Postcard, Tent City 3

Fun beach cabanas might provide a good fabric for my beach tote.
It's upholstery fabric, so perhaps not practical for a bag, but it sure is cute.
It's very textural--as if the cabanas are embroidered.

Two and a half yards of wide yardage.
Inexpensive if I were to buy it in a fabric shop, but expensive thriftstore wise.
I got this for $8.
It was haunting me. I had to have it.
I can't believe it was still there when I went back.



Anonymous Aubrey said...

Catalina used to have a tent city, at around the same time.

Poor burnt island - Boyfriend and I will be going there later this year: we feel we should do our part to help their economy.

12:50 AM  
Blogger ByLightOfMoon said...

I love finding fabric at the thrift store also. I guess I should post photos EVERY time. I also have trouble getting traffic to both of my blogs.

I love your finds and will love following you thru your thrifting as I have had to stop big time till I sell what I already have.

Smiles, Cyndi

6:21 AM  

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