Monday, December 25, 2006

What do you thrift for?

Fabric is not the only thing I find thrifting.
I post a lot of fabric here, and other linens, because it's easy to scan.
But I find ALL KINDS of goodies.

Like this fun crocheted rug, handmade and basically felted.
The owner must have not liked the outcome, but I love it.
Crocheted rug

Miscellaneous stuff, like these apple ornaments that match my apple wreath and apple garland (those were full-price deals).
Decorating with fruit, even faux, just feels fresh.
Thrifted apple ornaments

Sewing notions and patterns (duh)
I have paid as low as 10 cents, sometimes 35 or 50 cents, but usually 95 cents.
Rummage sale prices are usually at a quarter.
Raggedy Ann Dress Pattern, 1970

aprons (detail of the pocket here because it's so precious)
Thrift store price for this apron: $2.50. No, I take that back--I think it was $1.50. And it's in mint condition.
Apron pocket detail

I also love stoneware, and I have a soft spot for canisters and dishes.

I regularly find clothing, and of course supplies for art work.
I've mentioned old games and books, but I also like tins. I am learning about crafting with metal, and these can be cut up and used to make dolls, etc.
Thrifted tins

I have found toys for kids (the ones who don't care it's second-hand). And every once in a while, I score furniture.
Thrifted bookcase
Bookcase that I may eventually mosaic.
Thiftstore price: $7.95.
I have a similar one I found in an alley on trash day.
Nothing wrong with either one.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Garage Sale Joke

Garage Sale joke
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Friday, December 08, 2006


One of my favorite things to find while thrifting, is bags of neckties. You know, ties that didn't sell at the $2 or $3 each price, so they cram them all into a bag. Today I got 125 neckties for $4.95. I've actually paid less before. I swear, opening those bags is like digging for treasure--there are always some especially delightful finds.
Look at the wine bottles! The Escher-esque frogs!

More neckties
Fun beach scene! And look at the fish!