Saturday, February 17, 2007

Holy Thrift Score!

Squealing with delight!

Some people avoid certain items at thrift stores--towels, sheets, shoes...

I don't mind used shoes. I've found some purses and some shoes that were brand new. But gently used is okay with me too.

And these today were an adrenaline moment.
Leather CAMPER slip-ons, with an embroidered butterfly on one toe, and a dragonfly on the other. New, these are around $130. Thrift store price: $2.93. Oh my.

I wish with all my heart they were my size, but they are a size 40 (US ladies 10), so they're too big. I will either give them to a friend, or maybe sell them on eBay. Love them though!


Friday, February 09, 2007

Yay, finally a day to thrift again!

Today was bonus check day, so I thought I'd treat myself to a stop in at a little row of thrift shops in Poway. One store was giving half off everything, and two of them accepted my debit card as payment (always a bonus).
I didn't have much time before closing, so I just concentrated on the sewing area. Well, and ties of course.

I found some weird neckties (love the turkey!)
Weird and Wonderful Neckties

A couple of patterns. Too small, but for a nickel each, I figure they are good for styling ideas.
Simple summer patterns

A couple of fabrics--the green strawberry print is actually an apron in a hospital gown-style. Stained, but I can save the best bits of fabric for the strawberry quilt I'm planning to make. Cost: $1
The red is a flocked heavy upholstery type that I thought would make a great carpet bag. Maybe Amy Butler's 'Madison'. Cost for a large piece: $4 (more than I usually spend, but I really liked it).
Thrifted fabrics

And a big plastic recipe box filled with recipe cards.
The Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library. Cost: $1
I am having so much fun looking through these
Popcorn Balls

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